Farm Loans

In Northern Missouri, agriculture is an important part of our local economy. We understand the needs of our farming community and realize the importance of an operations access to capital.  We offer a variety of farm loans including loans to purchase livestock and equipment, loans to purchase real estate and operating lines of credit.


Business Loans

Buying, starting, or expanding an existing business can be quite a challenge.  We offer a range of loans for your needs.  Loans range from short to long-term.

Banker handing keys to customer

Consumer Loans

Consumer loans offer you the ability to borrow money for a variety of reasons: a new car, remodeling, or consolidating debt.  Let our loan department help you obtain the money you need.


Residential Loans

Want to buy or build a new home?  Helping you realize your dream is a service we can provide you.  Real estate interest rates vary so please call for information.