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Our History

1880 - 1930

The banking institutions in Green City followed the trend of other banks in Missouri.  In the 1880’s there was a bank located on the south side of the square.  That bank was of short duration.  Other early banks were the Bank of Green City, City National Bank and the American National Bank of Green City.  The City National Bank was consolidated with the American National, and as a result of the downward economic trend, that bank closed in 1927.  As the Depression intensified and business conditions continued to decline, the Bank of Green City closed in 1930.

1931- 1950

For the next few years, Green City was without a bank and the citizens had to go elsewhere to transact their banking business.  The Green City Credit Union was established in 1934 and relieved the situation to some degree, but the community was badly in need of a commercial bank.  By that time, B. L. Stutler had completed the liquidation of the closed banks in Sullivan and Putnam Counties and he and Mrs. Stutler organized the farmbank.  The charter was issued November 13, 1943, and the Bank opened for business November 23, 1943.  This bank is currently in operation.

The first Board of Directors of the farmbank consisted of Dr. J. D. Bohrer, T. S. Hardinger, Glenn E. Kent, Henry Myers and B. L. Stutler.  Later, Jane Stutler succeeded Mr. Hardinger as a director and Dr. Bohrer was succeeded by Bernard Stutler.

1960 - 1990

On May 1, 1960, the Stutlers sold their interest in the bank to Oppenheimer Industries of Kansas City.  In January 1977, the Oppenheimers sold the bank to Samuel T. Davis of Cameron, Missouri (Kingston & Clarksdale bank owners).  In 1978, the bank was sold to Gary N. Edwards and Lloyd Edwards and then to Randy Riley.  In 1989, the bank was purchased by the Grotenhuis family.

1991 - Present Day

The present Board of Directors are: Brad Doran, Chairman; Lena M. Grotenhuis, Neil Craft, Beth Mino and Audrey Savage.

Farmbank is located at 1 South Lincoln in Green City, Missouri, (660-874-4131), and prides itself on being a locally owned, independent bank.  We offer a full range of consumer and commercial services.  An ATM machine was installed in the front foyer in 2000.  Debit cards are offered to our customers upon approval.  Beginning in 2005, the Bank installed the latest image software and equipment to keep up with the evolution of banking.  Internet banking became available to our customers January 2008 followed by Mobile banking in June 2017.  Farmbank continues to evolve as new technology becomes available that ultimately benefits our customers.

A full-service branch was opened at 701 N. Pearl Street in Milan, Missouri on September 17, 2007.  The ATM machine is located on the Southwest corner, outside of the bank. (660-265-4131).

A full-service branch was opened at 3311 N. Baltimore Kirksville, Missouri on December 16, 2020.  The ATM machine is located in the first drive-up lane. (660- 951-8431).