Phishing attacks aim to dupe a victim into releasing sensitive information that can be used for identity theft. These attacks are on the rise with increased holiday shopping.

In the most recent attack we're hearing about, a fraudster sends a text message to a cardholder, requesting they call an 800 telephone number because their "account is locked." When the cardholder calls the number, they're asked to enter their card number or other personal information, such as their PIN, Social Security number or mobile device codes.

Phone system or other channels that legitimate texts to verify transactions will never ask for card numbers or other personal details. SHAZAM's short code for sending text messages is 72718.

If you have questions about the legitimacy of a call or text, call our fraud team at 866-508-2693.

Fraudulent Emails - farmbank

Fraudulent Emails

farmbank will NEVER request confidential information from a customer such as an account number, social security number, PIN's or passwords by email.


Fake Checks

Fake check scams could cost you thousands of dollars.  It all starts when someone gives you a realistic-looking check or money order and asks you to wire them money somewhere in return. It’s phony, and so is the person’s story, but that may take weeks – even months – to discover.

Phishing - farmbank


Phishing is a scam where Internet fraudsters send spam or pop-up messages to lure personal and financial information from unsuspecting victims.


Beware of Scams Related to the Coronavirus

Scammers are taking advantage of the coronavirus pandemic to con people into giving up their money. During this time of uncertainty, knowing about possible scams is a good first step toward preventing them.

Identity Theft - farmbank

Identity Theft

Identity Theft is when someone steals your identity and opens credit cards, bank accounts or other accounts to commit fraud or theft, using YOUR IDENTITY!